Our Story

Point B was founded 25 years ago as an alternative to the big management consulting firms. We are known for our connection to our customers—we put their success first in all we do. We are also known for bringing just the right people to work within our customers’ diverse workplaces. Truly caring about our customers’ success, and bringing the best people each time, builds sustainable results for our customers. Our net promoter score, a measure of customer satisfaction, demonstrates this year over year and is four times the consulting industry average.

These days the pace of business is lightning fast. Our customers are asking us for “more Point B” in many areas. A frequent request was for the ability to work directly with people discovered and vetted by Point B, especially within the realm of project leadership. Roles such as project managers, project coordinators, business analysts, and agile specialists, are in high demand because they can add horsepower to a specific project, and then move on to other companies. We learned that business leaders haven’t been consistently impressed with the quality of people they get from traditional staff augmentation companies. We heard that without addressing what makes each workplace unique, the resources other staffing firms provide may have the functional skills, but often don’t bring the full leadership skillset Point B is known for, nor do they match the company’s’ working environment. Creating successful resource placements to fit values and environment matching was inconsistent at best.

Point B Direct launched in 2019 and allows customers to work directly with talented people sourced by Point B. Point B Direct is not a typical flexible staffing provider. We use empathy and expertise to guide how we work with our customers and our recruits. We understand what makes project leaders successful and use that to drive our sourcing and vetting of talent. And we’ve figured out how to do this at the speed and price point expected in the staff augmentation marketplace. Point B Direct is excited to enter this marketplace, and to help you succeed with Point B’s leadership capacity.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Meet the Team

Christie Dziubek

Managing Director

As Managing Director I am responsible for building and growing our Point B Direct business. I define and implement the talent strategies needed to respond rapidly to customer needs, based on Voice of the Customer input, customer discussions and roundtables, and competitive intelligence. Outside of work I enjoy Pilates, boating and exploring Miami.

Mechelle Augustin

Senior Operations Director

As Senior Operations Director, I lead the Operations functions for Point B Direct. I am responsible for creating and managing the candidate experience and collaborating with business development to drive valuable engagement with existing customers. I act as a strategic partner on the Point B Direct leadership team to look for methods to improve quality, efficiency and productivity, reduce costs, increase profits and improve processes and technologies. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling and participating in most any sporting activity.

Katie Bodette

Senior Recruiting Manager

In my current role as a Senior Recruiting Manager, I focus on matching candidates to the right opportunities helping them grow and develop their skillset. When I am not working I am passionate about working out, trying new recipes and traveling.

Kelsey Warren

Senior Recruiting Manager

In my current role as a Senior Recruiting Manager, it's my goal to make sure my candidates are placed in the right roles so that they can be successful. Outside of work, I'm passionate about photography and traveling the world.

Jody Stanton

Candidate Experience Manager

As a Candidate Experience Manager I own the relationship with our contractors from the time they accept the offer through the end of their engagement and beyond. My priority is to ensure everyone is set up for success, feels supported throughout their assignment and has a positive experience so they want to stay connected and continue working on Point B Direct projects.

Marcio Matias

Operations Manager

As an Operations Manager, I oversee and facilitate all resource requests, coordinate sourcing efforts with recruiters and partners, evaluate business processes, identify needs and develop strategies to maximize opportunities. I live in San Diego, and I love the weather and the food it has to offer.

Pian Lee

Senior Recruiter

As a Senior Recruiter, I enjoy helping candidates find roles where they feel successful and have an opportunity to develop their skillset. I am always thrilled to match great candidates to rewarding roles. Outside of work, I like spending time with my family and friends, running, and gardening.

Jessica Ferguson


As a Recruiter, I work to match candidates with roles that align with their skillsets and can challenge them. I enjoy working with our candidates to learn more about their background and the types of roles they feel they would be most successful in. The Point B Direct team works closely together to get our clients the best possible candidates.