At Point B Direct, we focus on matching the right employee to the right role that will ultimately create the most value. Our value-fit approach will allow you to feel confident and successful, while building your skillset for the next project and reaching your goals. You will work directly with our customers and become an extension of their team – delivering value with each project you touch. 

Contractors share their experience working with Point B Direct.

When I was moving to Washington state, outside of the panic that comes with a cross country move was also the fear of a lengthy period of unemployment. Point B Direct assisted me in quickly obtaining a Scrum Master position within a Fortune 500 company where I had long dreamed of partnering with. Point B Direct is a firm where communication and collaboration reign supreme. In my experience with Point B Direct, I have felt supported by multiple team members which has allowed me to be successful in my assignment. What I love about Point B Direct is their ability to create a team out of a mix of professionals who work with different companies. Point B Direct is a company that is truly placing the right people in the right role for the right company. Steph Trudell
I really enjoyed my time working with Point B Direct as they had a great portfolio of interesting and diverse projects that allowed me to develop my personal skills and expertise while working in some of the top global tech companies in the world. I also appreciated walking into the client with a respected brand behind me as I knew the client felt assured of my qualifications and I could get into the details of the work right away. The client listened to my expertise and really allowed me to dive deep into their business strategy and implement innovative strategies to solve their business problems. I also felt like I had a great work life balance and a team of colleagues I could lean on. I have and will continue to recommend my friends and colleagues to work with Point B Direct because I enjoyed my experience so much. April Freeland
I've worked in multiple PM roles with Point B Direct and it's been fantastic so far. I quickly gained experience with two global corporations, which would have been impossible to do on my own. The projects gave me exposure to different tools, communication styles, and team cultures, and made me a nimbler and more resilient PM. As a mid-career professional who recently pivoted from a non-tech industry, I can't imagine any better way to get your foot in the door in Seattle. Yuko Watanabe